Thursday, April 1, 2010

Litter: Perhaps Not the Best Advertising Vehicle

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution used to distribute a free ad-pack by mail, but postage costs became prohibitive, so they switched to hiring a company to toss the weekly publication into targeted neighborhoods.

WGCL reports that some local residents are up in arms because the advertising circulars land on the street or the public sidewalk, which means that nobody picks them up until some do-gooder takes the task and as we anecdotally learn from their unembeddable report, perhaps as many as 3/5ths of the packets are never seen by a consumer.

The newspaper would not respond on-air to the television station's questions, but maybe in addition to creating an advertiser boycott website, residents might want to take a cue from what happened to an editor from This Old House, as was related in their April magazine.

Follow-Up: Cobb: Atlanta Newspaper Breaks The Law
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