Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yahoo! is Still Kicking and They Can Evolve

I assume that most of the pointers to the New York Times article about the rebirth of former Jane editor, Brandon Holley, as a blogger are going to focus on the insidery Condé Nast angle, but I took a couple of other things from the piece.

First of all, despite the memes to the contrary, Yahoo! retains a vaunted position in the industry with an almost unrivaled power to launch a high-traffic site. And, they've finally learned a lesson that I've been screaming about for more than a decade; If one of the world's largest internet companies can't embrace the telecommute, then why should anyone else try?

Unfortunately, they may have learned that last lesson a little late, but due to what we know from the first, it could be too early to say die.
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