Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Woods Have Eyes

Herman Jacob was camping in South Carolina's Francis Marion National Forest, when he discovered a wire while gathering firewood near the primitive campsite, he shared with his a daughter and her friend.

Mr. Jacob followed the wire to a hidden camera along with an antenna, which because they had no markings, he removed the surveillance equipment and at some point, either in the woods or at home, he punched the camera's model number into Google and learned that it was "law enforcement grade".

Armed with the knowledge, Mr. Jacob contacted law enforcement agencies in the area, which prompted a return call from Mark Heitzman of the U.S. Forest Service, who asked for his camera back.

When contacted by Charleston's Post and Courier, a spokesperson for the Forest Service would only speak in generalities about the use of surveillance cameras in remote locations as a law enforcement tool and would give no specifics about convictions.

Though she did say that footage of non-targeted persons aren't "kept".
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