Saturday, March 13, 2010

What if the Bartender has the Ruffies?

Since the Naples Daily News first reported that three customers of the popular Blue Martini bar had filed police reports about possible drugged drinks over the previous few months, more than two dozen additional people have now come forward.

The alleged victims range in age from 21 to 80 and all were women except three, which appear to be the two persons at both extremes, plus one in the middle.

At least one female victim was checked-out at an area hospital for possible sexual assault, though she didn't feel that one had occurred and went at the insistence of her boyfriend, who was understandably worried because she had been missing for more than two hours.

A glance through the stories available from the Naples Daily News and WBBH leads one to conclude that the motivation may have been a very misguided prank and/or acts of revenge against "problem" customers, but it still sounds like a case for Law & Order: SVU.

And for the more cynical... thus far, the only one that I have found who is using it as a drunk driving defense is the young lady embedded below, who was a waitress at the bar and whom alleges that she was drugged on her last night after asking management about the reports.

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