Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update: Things are Still Murky in Aspen

Last week, I posted about the situation in Aspen (CO) where Troy Hooper, a local newspaper editor offered a beleaguered police officer more favorable treatment, as payback for not arresting him on a DUI.

Today, the Aspen Times is reporting that Valerie McFarlane was given a $10,000 severance package, in exchange for agreeing not to sue.

In Aspen, apparently they love their quid pro quos.

Update: The Aspen Daily News has suspended Mr. Hooper for two weeks and he'll be on probation after his return.

He denies that there was a "quid pro quo", though he admits that it could've been perceived that way and in addition to further details from the tape, the announcement also reveals that Mr. Hooper had sent threatening emails to the Aspen Times, which broke the story and tried to get the Associated Press to quit pursuing it.

Editorial: McFarlane's golden parachute (Aspen Times)
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