Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update: Constance McMillen & Her Miss. Prom

Since we initially reported on Constance McMillen and her quest to receive equal treatment from her community, she's done a whirlwind of appearances including one on Ellen, where she was given a $30,000 college scholarship and on Tuesday, a federal judge ruled on her motion for a preliminary injunction.

Basically, Reagan-appointed Judge Glen H. Davidson said that the school violated her rights when they barred same-sex couples and told Ms. McMillen that her girlfriend couldn't wear a tuxedo, but he declined to order the school to reinstate the prom because so much work has been put into an alternative.

According to the Tupelo Journal, the organizers of the parent-sponsored event have told Miss McMillen that she and her date are invited, a factor the judge took into consideration for his ruling. As of yet, the young women were hoping to go, but were waiting to see if they would feel comfortable.

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