Saturday, March 20, 2010

Projecting Ones Morals Onto "Society"

Robert and Catharine Pierce are naturalists living in a Boulder (CO) housing project, operated by a non-profit that receives some city funds.

The couple have been involved in mediation with the housing authority for the past few months over Ms. Pierce's propensity for gardening topless. Last year, apparently she'd choose to "worship" wearing pasties and a thong, while this spring, she's done done away with the upper modesty garments taking it down to just a thong.

State and local law prohibits the display of genitalia, but has no provisions for exposed breasts except at one local lake, which had become a haven for nudists decades ago.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on a revamped ordinance in April, but a ban on exposed female nipples has been removed from the original draft, most likely due to constitutional, discriminatory concerns and the involvement of the ACLU.

Judging from the quotes gathered by the Daily Camera in the video below, along with those expressed in both articles and the reader comments, it seems that pretty much everyone other than Betsey Martens, executive director of the Boulder Housing Authority has a live-and-let-live, more-power-to-you type of stance.

In fact, reading through the comments, not only do I see overwhelming support for the Pierces, but I also also see someone lamenting that coeds aren't into the practice and another giving a location for such a site, along with a nice review of Spanish beaches.

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