Friday, March 12, 2010

Phil McGraw Getting Sued Left & Right

Two women who participated in a 2007 episode of Dr. Phil have sued because they were subjected to a naked man, and a Minnesota man has also filed suit against Dr. Phil McGraw and his show's spin-off, The Doctors, because segments from an episode in which he participated was rerun over his objections.

The commonality between these lawsuits seem to be the amount of pressure applied to sign the release and their overall treatment by staff.

The women had agreed to spend a week in the "Dr. Phil House" along with four others to help combat their social anxiety. When a naked man showed up for dinner, the women locked themselves in a bedroom and though they strongly objected, they allege that the staff belittled and showed little regard for their concerns.

While the man had agreed to do an episode of The Doctors, where his pearly penile papules or penis blemishes were to be removed at no charge. The patient alleges that at pretty much every step, he was misled about the show's purpose, offered false reassurances and though he apparently didn't sign a requested release to allow a rerun, segments were rebroadcast as part of an "embarrassing moments" show.
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