Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Deep Meaning, I Just Thought it Funny

An article from the East Valley Tribune came up in my reader; Basically, the code compliance division of Gilbert (AZ) sent a notification letter to a seven-person prayer group affiliated with one of their local churches asking them to stop meeting in member's homes.

It was the second code compliance/church-based, home meeting stop order in a couple of months, which the town council had already decided to address after the first, through a modification of the regulation.

According to the story, the irony of having an obviously unconstitutional action come up in a town famous for their observance of "Constitution Week" wasn't lost on their mayor. So, I did a quick Google to see how or why the town was famous for their observance of an obscure week.

As I went through the website devoted to the city's festival, I glanced at some lesson plans for families and other small groups.

Among the suggestions was a reading activity about the development of the Constitution which culminates in something along the lines of a play called "Unite or Die", which included the following parenthetical note;

(For challenged readers, consider assigning them the part of Rhode Island or New Jersey)

Which for some reason made me laugh.
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