Sunday, March 7, 2010

Man Hopes Minor Dustdevil Becomes Gustnado

An organization called "Make America Safer Today" is hoping to make Wednesday, March 10th "Cyber Flag Day". Raymond Decker, a member of the group's "cyber team" is hoping to garner enough free publicity through the media, they can get "thousands" of suspected prostitution ads flagged on Craigslist on a single day.

Perhaps that is a noble goal, one which some people might support, but if publicity swells to the point that "Cyber Flag Day" becomes known beyond just a few people or if it's any measure of success, it'll definitely count as an unqualified PR triumph.

After all, MAST only has 25 followers on Twitter, where they also tweet about immigration enforcement, terrorism and "Taliban pukes", plus 38 fans on Facebook. MySpace seems to be their most successful effort at social networking thus far, where they have 444 friends, though the majority of the comments consists only of "thanks for the add".

While "Make Orlando Safer Today", the parent group for "Make America Safer Today" has just four subscribers to their YouTube channel, where they list "upending lowlifes" as their only hobby.

It'll be interesting to see if this thing can grow, though they may be cutting the it kind of close. Of course a lot the effort's success will be determined by the gullibility and laziness of modern media, not to mention whether Wednesday is a slow news day.

BTW: Mr. Decker, you're welcome for the backhanded ad.
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