Monday, March 15, 2010

Kurtz: Behind the Curtain of Fox's 5 O'Clock Show

At eleven o'clock Eastern, Howard Kurtz is going to participate in one of his regular Q&As with online readers, but after this morning's column, where he shines a somewhat negative, but fairly even-handed light on Glenn Beck, one might expect the midday session to be swarmed by Beckheads and become something of a chore for the moderator.

A few takeaways;
  • A FNC VP was assigned last fall "'to help keep an eye on that program' and review its content in advance".
  • He "has surrounded himself with loyalists from Mercury, some of whom remain on that company's payroll".
  • During rehearsals, "Beck has teared up or paused at the same moments as he later did during the show".
All together, Kurtz's column is an interesting read for anyone interested in the media phenomenon that is Glenn Beck.
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