Monday, March 8, 2010

An Investigative Guide to Smuggling Liquid

Alberto Stegeman is an investigative journalist and host of Undercover in the Netherlands, a hidden camera show where they infiltrate and disclose some of the darker parts of life. Among the show's successes, they've exposed a child prostitution ring, a travel agency offering sex tours, shady private detectives and holes in Dutch royal security.

He has also smuggled a fake bomb and drugs onto an airliner with the assistance of an associate, who had taken a job as a baggage handler.

Early last month, his team purchased six bottles of Bacardi from a duty-free shop, took them home, replaced the contents with water and on February 16th, they got them through security at the Amsterdam airport, changed planes at Heathrow and managed to transport the six liters of liquid all the way to Dulles without incident.

As you may remember, the "Underwear Bomber", Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab also boarded a plane at Amsterdam bound for the United States and as Stegeman has demonstrated, perhaps security hasn't gotten much tighter.

Detroit News reporter Catherine Jun was interviewed for the March 7th broadcast and thus, her paper has the details.

ETA: I didn't see the broadcast and no video appears available on the web, but according a report, Mr. Stegeman was subjected to an extra-thorough search, yet the adulterated liquids were not discovered.
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