Monday, March 15, 2010

Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin Kick-off in Tulsa

Sarah Palin

Oklahoma do you love your freedom?


It is time to take our country back.

Glenn Beck

I am not a journalist and I wear that as a badge of honor.


My job is to figure out what's going on.

Talk show host Glenn Beck and Fox News Analyst, former Vice-Presidential candidate and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin kicked-off their "Take America Back" tour in Tulsa over the weekend.

The media was only allowed to tape the first five minutes of the headliner's speech, which I've linked the appropriate video to each performer's name, above.

The Tulsa World has a few more details, along with a slideshow and because who is angry at mainstream media may be dependent on where you live and who's serving the news, the protesters which came out for the show seem to be a little perturbed that they were ignored.
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