Friday, March 19, 2010

Game Showpalooza, plus an Antiques Roadshow

Scripps Howard circulated a piece last week by Meredith May documenting her hopes of landing a spot on Price is Right.

Every audience member goes through an "audition" and in addition to describing the process, she received tips from a desk clerk at the hotel across the street and conducted a post-mortem interview with Stan Blits, the contestant chooser.

This reminded me of a 2003 article from the Albuquerque Journal (free daypass after a commercial), which detailed tryouts for Wheel of Fortune at an area casino.

Unfortunately, it seems that Jeopardy may have done away with open auditions like their Sony sister. Instead, they occasionally open a small window for online tests and though you don't learn your score upon completion, if you do well, you're contacted at some future date to audition in their Culver City studio or at another location.

While a junior at the University of Kansas in 2007, Kelsey Hayes earned a callback from an online "College Show" test, which got her invited to a live tryout in Chicago and this allowed her to write about the experience for her school paper, the Daily Kansan.

Rounding out the list of what I consider to be the top game shows currently in production, in advance of a 2009 open audition, the St. Petersburg Times published a "what to expect" from someone who had gone through the process previously and after the fact, they printed a short article about the day with an embedded video.

And finally, though not technically a game show, the following clip of a woman hitting the "jackpot" on an Antiques Roadshow from Raleigh (NC) has been circulating for the past few weeks.

Related: TV4u hosts hundreds of old shows, including clips and episodes from dozens of classic games from the television's "Golden Age".
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