Thursday, March 11, 2010

Framing the News

The Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works sent an email to staffers warning against visiting the Drudge Report or because the Senate's non-partisan systems administrator, who is overseen by the Seargent-at-Arms said that pop-up ads from these sites may be a source of recent malware incursions.

On Monday, prior to the staff notice, CNET posted a screenshot of a trojan warning apparently linked to Drudge's site and in addition to noting that it had happened through Drudge before, CNET also recalled when the New York Times carried a similar infection.

Naturally, Matt Drudge defended his website by giving pageview statistics and reporting that he had received no email complaints, but he couched it in political terms by bringing the health care debate into the mix and by advising the Senate's sysop to stay on her medication.

While FoxNews only mentions the insurance reform debate as a periphery to the administration's former "war" on Fox and somehow they try to tie it to Rep. Joe Wilson's, "you lie". Though for good measure, they also throw the "Fairness Doctrine" and a bipartisan Senate effort to give the President the power to take over the internet in response to a cybersecurity threat into their online report, a plan which originated in the Bush administration.

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