Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Does Bob Simon "Let Loose"?

Deep in an article about Olympic snowboarder Shaun White and his previously-secret halfpipe located on Silverton Mountain, after looking at the town's hope that the publicity may help their economy and detailing the laid-back way Mr. White made himself at home, Shane Benjamin of the Durango Herald offers the following paragraphs;

On some nights, White and his friends went a little wild.

"When you have somebody who has that kind of ego and that kind of following, it's probably pretty tough to rein it in at times," Custer said. "And when you combine that with alcohol, it can lead to issues."

Even Bob Simon, the reporter from "60 Minutes," and his daughter from New York City let loose while in town, he said.

"It happens a lot," Custer said. "It's not just with people who have some celebrity status. It happens with a lot of people that come to this town because it's the nature of things. They're away from their home, and it's a tourist town, so they cut loose. They had a good time. And that's what we do up here; we have a good time."
Which naturally leads one to ask; Did the legendary war correspondent and his producer-daughter do anything notable to "cut loose", or did they simply make an impression with their presence?

Related: There's also some terrific video of the halfpipe in use.
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