Monday, February 15, 2010

The Greatest Super Bowl Ads on Earth

As a service to the soldiers deployed overseas, the Armed Forces Network broadcasts the Super Bowl and apparently every year, they field complaints because the programming is sans commercials.

This year, AFN decided to do something different, so they invited viewers to submit their own commercials, some of which were broadcast during the game and all 150 are preserved on YouTube.

A random sampling shows that there's just too many to judge in one sitting and thus far, there hasn't been a lot of voting.

Needless to say, the "Indiana Jones" commercial and the sarcastic one about "age-appropriate" PSAs during Hannah Montana, which were mentioned in the Stars & Stripes article are fun. The elementary kids singing about a parent deployed is super cute, plus there are several zombies, a lot of location, service or situational-specific, along with a few pop culture references.

I started this post wanting to find one to embed.

I'm sure the following is a valuable message and it's produced in a somewhat provocative style. If you have the time, I suggest killing a few minutes on the "You Do It!" YouTube channel and of course, if anyone finds more gold, feel free to link them from the comments.

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