Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Televising Health Care - A Suggestion

A lot of the national coverage of C-SPAN's offer to televise the Health Care Bill reconciliation is breaking down under predictable party lines. As a generalization, Republicans are in favor of the idea and Democrats haven't answered the question.

Of course, one assumes that the Republican favor the idea because they don't think it'll really happen and the Democrats say they have concerns about posturing, but that could apply to both sides and I'm sure everybody is worried about precedent.

Without any statistics, I'd guess that foregoing the cameras could hurt the Democratic Party's image and though they may not say it, one would think that the Republican leadership really doesn't want it.

Perhaps individual Democrats should take a lesson from the Republican position and whenever asked, they should say that they're all for the idea, but unfortunately, it's not up to them.
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