Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scott Brown: Politically Expedient

The pay and benefits of federal workers have skyrocketed, especially during the Bush years. One of the mistakes of the Bush presidency was the failure to control spending
Republican State Senator Scott Brown, who hopes to replace the late Ted Kennedy held a presser yesterday, flanked by charts using figures from the CATO Institute.

Sen. Brown may have been technically correct, when he said that the average federal employee makes a higher wage than the average American worker, but so is the rep from the National Federation of Federal Employees, when he explains that most federal jobs require more skills and a higher level of education, than some of the lower-rung non-federal jobs which help comprise the "average worker".

Note: I can't find an embeddable or even a linkable video of Brown's meeting , but WHDH has a four minute montage available on this page.

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