Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Palin Controversy Prompts Change

When blogger Jesse Griffin and photographer Dennis Zaki were denied entry to Sarah Palin's book-signing in her hometown, news of a "banned" list spread across the blogosphere like wildfire and city official, James Hastings's office was inundated with media requests for the list, along with a copy of HarperCollin's rental contract.

Up to and including the Palin event, one-time rentals of the building had been handled as a "handshake and a gentleman's agreement". HarperCollins had requested the rental verbally, presumably by telephone and had paid electronically. The only other pre-event communications were a couple of emails and a walk-through by Todd.

Due to the aftermath from the book-signing and the number of people who were asked to stop protesting, distributing literature or raising money for other causes, Mr. Hastings has announced that those renting the facility for future events will have to sign a formal contract.
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