Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Real Winners were Involved

The Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal reports that early on New Year's morn, there was an argument involving about a dozen people on a local street and due to fears that a vehicle which had left the area may have had a gun, deputies decided to make a traffic stop.

And because I can't think of a better way to describe it, I'll let the reporter finish setting the scene;

Jorge Garcia and Tangeca Garcia, 35 -- their relationship is not known by authorities -- and the baby rolled up on the stop in another car and Jorge started cursing at deputies, according to the report. He was ordered to leave but refused. A sheriff's sergeant then ordered Jorge Garcia arrested but he refused to get out and a sergeant ordered deputies to fire a Taser at Garcia.

Garcia then grabbed an infant sitting next to him and held the 1-year-old in front of his body, telling deputies numerous times, "Tase the baby," the report states. The child was not injured and handed over to deputies. But Garcia wound up getting stunned by two Taser-wielding deputies, who arrested him.

Both Garcias were arrested for two counts of "resisting an officer without violence". Tangeca was charged because she hugged her husband, which unsatisfactorly delayed his taze and Jorge received an added count of "child neglect without great harm".
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