Friday, January 1, 2010

My Own ClickBait

This blog has only been operational for just over a month and though I've taken jabs at others for posting clickbait, I thought that I'd add to the frenzy of year-end lists by noting this site's top posts.
  • By far, SailRabbit's most popular post has been the tale of David Fairhurst, a man from Carmel (CA), who filed suit against a local paper because they called him an "armed stalker".

  • Second on the list also involves a legal case, but this time it's the justifiable cause of Lance Shultz, who has sued the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) for a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

  • One of my early posts, where I looked at the "clunkers" that were only clunked as one still remains popular, but primarily because of the traffic source, I'm sure it's just for the car porn.

  • If you were to add the posts about each of the following subjects and counted their individual tags as one, they would all rank higher. But over the course of the past month, Sarah Palin, John Edwards and the ministorm surrounding Clay Aiken and his "voter fraud" have all been relatively good to me.

  • And finally for the purposes of this list: Allegedly Mark McBride, a former mayor of Myrtle Beach (SC) and the president of one CoC was posting "anonymous", "derogatory" comments about another local Chamber to the forums for the Myrtle Beach Sun News.
For those just stopping-by, kick your shoes off and stay a while. As it says up top, I'm posting "more than just the same old links".

And for those who may be interested or who have a blog to feed, please feel free to bookmark and there's always a full-post RSS available, plus I should have this site's Twitter broadcasting within a day or two.

Hat tips are always welcome and most of all, considering the date...

Happy New Year to one and all!
May the next decade be better than the last.
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