Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Massachusetts Political Necessity

Candidates who ran against Edward Kennedy, the man, may have walked a fine line around the Kennedy legacy, but they generally had no problem discussing the subject. Due to Senator Kennedy's death though, anyone now looking to succeed him would understandably have to tiptoe around, the elephant in the room.

Republican State Senator Scott Brown, who is vying for the seat has tried the novel approach of invoking JFK in a television ad, which of course has prompted the Democratic Candidate (Attorney General Martha Coakley) to counter with a YouTube linking Brown to Bush 43.

As an added bonus, prior to the their unembeddable video report contrasting the two advertisements, WBZ has inserted an endorsement of Brown by Boston native, actor Lenny Clark.

Because the comedian famously ran for the city using the slogan "Fuck the Kennedys", it may not be surprise which way his allegiance would follow, but as he leaves the mic's range, an outsider might wonder how his parting shot would play in "The Garden".
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