Monday, January 4, 2010

Living an Extreme to a Degree

Robyn Okrant lived and blogged a year of taking Oprah, literally.

If Ms. Winfrey said that you had to have it, read it, eat it or if it was something one must do, Ms. Okrant followed the host's directive.

Naturally that would mean an occasional conflict, such as "not defining yourself by your possessions" seemed a little odd, when you're surrounded by small appliances and a variety of specialty products, but Ms. Okrant did the best she could with her earnings as a yoga instructor.

Though, she did draw at least one line, when she politely returned the free Kindle delivered by a Harpo employee.

Unlike her role model, the blogger-turned-author had vowed at the start of the project, she wouldn't accept any outside sponsorship.

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