Monday, January 4, 2010

The Colbert Bump: Jason Chaffetz

Freshman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) received a little attention for sleeping in his office and for the "cot-sides chats" he filmed for the internet, but his first day appearance on the Colbert Report, where he leg-wrestled the host, undoubtedly helped launch the Congressman's media exposure through the roof.

CNN, FNC, MSNBC, CNBC... the alphabet of news channels have been calling. So much so, he recently had to turn down five appearances for one day; Producers just keep calling because he's ready, accessible and has shown a willingness to speak on any topic.

Because of his Q-quotient and the impressive way he has handled the local D.C. media, who often contact him due to his position as ranking member on the subcommittee overseeing District operations, Republican leaders have been putting his face toward the front and some conservatives have suggested that he run for Senate.

Of course his first year hasn't all been a smooth ride and a profile in the Deseret News does a good job of mixing the good with the bad, but one might suspect that not too long after his show returns from hiatus, Stephen Colbert will be claiming the credit.

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Update: The Salt Lake Tribune has filed a similar, yet different story.
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