Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Viral Marketing Attempt Backfires

Brandt Andersen, the owner of NBA Development League team Utah Flash has apologized for misleading fans during a recent stunt.

It seems when Michael Jordan was being inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame, he made special mention of a game winning shot in the NBA Finals over Byron Russell of the Utah Jazz.

Andersen offered $100,000 to the winner's charity, if the two men would play 21 during halftime of the Flash's opening game.

Unfortunately, Andersen never heard from Mr. Jordan, so he hired a lookalike and some bodyguards, sent them around town to create marketing buzz, plus he arranged for a YouTube to be posted of "Michael Jordan" eating at an area restaurant.

As you might imagine, when the 7,500 fans learned the truth at the halftime stunt, they erupted in boos, a third left before the game was over and the owner has since apologized.

For his part, Mr. Russell is also taking a beating in the press.
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