Saturday, December 5, 2009

Upcoming Connecticut Suburban Paper War

Late last year, the Journal Register Company shut down three weekly newspapers serving Hartford suburbs, so Melissa Marinan, a former employee launched one to serve the five abandoned communities.

Her free, mailed-delivered Valley Press printed its first edition in February, which was the same month, the Journal Register Company filed for bankruptcy protection.

Now that they have regained their footing, the Journal Register has figured out a way to inexpensively serve three of the affluent suburbs, so they will launching three town-focused papers which will also be distributed free by mail, except it will be wrapped around an ad shopper they have kept going.

Ms. Marinan and her partners are all set to compete against their former employer, but there is a question of having a limited ad-base.

Viv Lazich, who operates a business catering to quilters has faithfully advertised once a month in the Valley Press, but she told the Hartford Courant that she is not looking to do more because she finds greater value in her Facebook page, blog and sending emails to customers.
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