Monday, December 7, 2009

Unknowingly "Indoctrinating" Children

A Missouri-based school supply vendor says that someone in his supplier's art department was "trying to be cutesy", but due to complaints about materials sporting what appears to be the Obama campaign logo and the phrase "change we can believe in", he is revisiting machines to pull the products from about 800 schools.

Greg Jones of Pencil Wholesalers says that he did notice the design, but "didn’t think one thing about it" and his task is being made that much harder because in a case of 72 notebooks, perhaps three are of the type which has prompted the complaints.

The manufacturer, Harcourt Pencil has agreed to give Jones a refund and he says they're working "as fast as we can", but because the materials have caused a controversy, Jones wants everyone to know that his company didn't design the products and that he's a registered Republican, who voted for John McCain.
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