Monday, December 7, 2009

Today in Palin

The Juneau Empire, located in Alaska's capital city has an interesting feature comparing what former Governor Sarah Palin says in her book and in interviews about the city to her record and previous statements.

For instance, she laments the difficulty of getting to Juneau and complains about the lack of a road, but she also does not advocate moving the capital inland and as Governor, she stopped work her predecessor had started on the road.

Of course, one of the best clips from the article (crediting her book) may or may not be something the local tourism bureau would want to champion, depending on their target market;

Palin acknowledged that many of her impressions of Juneau were formed before she became governor. She decried what she believed to be the "Animal House" atmosphere of the city, citing "drunken brawls, countless affairs and garden-variety lunchtime trysts."
Semi-Related: The Des Moines Register has the local angle on Ms. Palin's Iowa stop, including information from a previous poll.
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