Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snip: Local Talk Radio

Jaye gives out the phone number, the e-mail address. The lines light up. Just minutes after she ridicules Yoder's exploratory committee, Jaye's own exploration becomes live-radio drama.

It's just the kind of thing encouraged by a sign hanging to the left of the engineer's booth: "PPM IS LISTENING NOW!!! Are you teasing effectively?!? Content is king!!! What are you doing to keep the listener's interest? Why should the listener care? MUST LISTEN RADIO!!!!!!"

PPM is the "Portable People Meter," a wearable device from Arbitron that can detect audio streams from radio and TV. It could revolutionize the way radio stations understand their audiences.

And right now, creating "MUST LISTEN RADIO" means that Jaye has to talk like a probable candidate.

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