Wednesday, December 23, 2009

R5 Sons: Alaska

A guest visiting Rainy Pass Lodge in the Alaska Range suggested that life for the family with five sons, on a ranch accessible only by air in one of the most remote places on the American frontier would make for a good reality show.

At first, Steve Perrins dismissed the idea, but after further consideration and probably a few discussions, the family hired cinematographers, editors and at the cost of "hundreds of thousands of dollars", everybody pitched-in to self-produce a television show.

The first thirteen episode season will be recapped on RFD-TV, January 3rd and the second season will begin the following week.

Of course the family would love for a larger network to pick them up, so that they might better recoup their investment, but they seem to be having fun with what they have and they may already be making headway toward finding mates for the rest of the sons.

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