Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perform an Abortion - Go to Jail

The Mobile Press-Register is reporting that all seven Republican candidates for Alabama Governor favor a ban on abortions.

Five say that doctors should be imprisoned if they violate the ban and one would like to jail both the patient and the doctor. A sixth, former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore would leave any penalties facing the doctor and patient, up to the legislature.

Three, if given the opportunity would enact an outright ban in all cases, no exceptions and two would allow for rape, incest and to protect the health of the mother.

While another believes that "health" could be abused, but would allow an exception, if the woman's life is in jeopardy and the seventh, the only woman in the race, says that she would not allow an exception for rape or incest, but would agree to let the mother to live.

  • All seven would ban abortions.
  • Five would jail the doctors, one would not say.
  • Three would ban all abortions, no exceptions.
  • Two would allow for rape, incest and mother's health
  • One would exempt rape, incest and to protect the woman's life
  • One would protect the woman's life, but disallow rape and incest
The most recent poll that I can quickly find, shows that in June, the front-runner for the Republican nod was Bradley Byrne and he also led the Democratic front runner by four points at the time.

At least Mr. Byrne is the one, who told the Press-Register that he'd accept an exception for rape, incest and the woman's life (not health, life), but I can find nothing in the article to indicate whether or not, he's the one who wouldn't send a doctor to jail.
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