Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paper Super-Sleuths "Elmer Fudd"

A couple of days ago, I provided a "Snip" pointing toward a Myrtle Beach Sun News article detailing the newspaper's appearance in court, where they were ordered to turn over any registration info in their possession about an anonymous commenter named "Elmer Fudd".

Mr. "Fudd" is the target of a defamation lawsuit brought by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the case is wholly based upon comments that he had made to the newspaper's forum.

It appears that all the newspaper had on the user was an email address ( and though they had no direct knowledge through their site registration, they discovered that the email address is also listed as contact for the owner of the Facebook page, "No Ad Tax".

And, the "No Ad Tax" Facebook page includes a link to a "No Ad Tax Petition" which was sponsored by the "No Ad Tax Organization of Myrtle Beach" -- Mark McBride is a leader in the "No Ad Tax" grassroots group.

Mr. McBride is a former Mayor and the current President of the Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce, a competing CoC and though he wouldn't comment about "cartoon characters" when contacted by the paper, the founder of the GSCoC has come forward to say that Mr. McBride has revealed himself to him and has assured him that his organization's computers weren't used to post the comments.

Update (12/7): More from the man who outed McBride & Locals React
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