Friday, December 4, 2009

The Miami Art Scene is Having a Bad Week

Exhibit A
Jorge Alberto Gonzalez agreed to buy 10 paintings for around a million dollars with the help of broker Gustavo Grande Nuñez.

The two men loaded the paintings into Gonzalez's car and were driving to his office to get the money, when Gonzalez stopped at a bakery, gave Mr. Nuñez a dollar to buy a cup of coffee and while the broker was out of the car, Mr. Gonzalez drove away.

As of this morning, police had arrested Mr. Gonzalez, but he was refusing to reveal the location of the artwork.

Exhibit B
At the VIP preview of an international art exhibition in Miami, U.S. Marshals seized four paintings from exhibitor Galerie Gmurzynska to satisfy a judgement.

Asher B. Edelman of the New York gallery Edelman Arts had obtained the judgement as an assignee of an insurance company, who alleges that Gmurzynska was responsible for $750,000 in damages to a painting exhibited at the 2007 edition of this same Miami show.
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