Thursday, December 24, 2009

Man Sues to Rewrite Web History

David Fairhurst of Carmel Valley (CA) was convicted of two counts of making threatening phone calls to Supervisor Dave Potter and was twice served with restraining orders over a period of years.

After the second restraining order, Fairhurst surrendered more than 200 guns, but he takes issue with a headline in the Carmel Pine Cone describing him as an "armed stalker" because he wasn't convicted of stalking and there's no evidence that he did it "armed".

Mr. Fairhurst says that because of the article, the term "armed stalker" is now linked to his name through internet searches, which could hurt his business, so he's suing for $100,000 and has indicated that he'd settle the case, if the newspaper changed their web archive.

The Carmel Pine Cone has already filed for a dismissal on First Amendment grounds and one would hope that somewhere in the process, Dave Fairhurst learns how the internet works.
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