Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Loophole Large Enough for a Luxury Sedan

Among the laws going into effect at midnight, Oregon has a ban on hand-held cell phone use while driving, except "in the scope of the person's employment if operation of the motor vehicle is necessary for the person's job".

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that it's the country's most broadly-worded exemption and while the bill's sponsor explains that the intent was to only exclude tow truck, cab, bus or delivery drivers -- people who use their vehicles as a workplace. Oregonians have already started asking law enforcement, if they might qualify;

Schulz said he's been asked by various people about whether jobs would let them qualify for the exemption. He got such a query from a nursery owner. Schulz said in his judgment that profession would qualify for the exemption because landscapers' vehicles are necessary for their jobs.

I'm guessing that once the dust settles and "delivery drivers" better defined, there could to be a mini-rush on people seeking real estate licenses, onsite consultants and those selling insurance on the side.
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