Thursday, December 3, 2009

John Edwards Can't Catch a Break

John and Elizabeth Edwards were spotted at a UNC basketball game by a radio reporter from the station which broadcasts UNC games.

When approached, Elizabeth gave a nice little audio clip about how people in the community are focused on what's important and how it's relaxing to go to a basketball game to get away.

On their website, the radio station obviously characterized her quote a little more pointedly than myself, before saying that John "declined to comment on allegations that he asked for the vice presidential slot on President Barack Obama’s ticket last year, or on a federal investigation into a potential misuse of campaign funds".

And in other John Edwards news...

The Raleigh News & Observer is reporting that the White House will not comment on whether the outgoing U.S. Attorney for Eastern North Carolina will be allowed to finish his investigation of Mr. Edwards.

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) asked the White House last summer to let the current U.S. Attorney finish the job, but as is the norm after an election, the President has appointed Ms. Hagan's nominee, Charlotte attorney Thomas G. Walker to the prosecutor's post.

Under Senate rules, Sen. Hagan can block the nominee and that would allow the current U.S. Attorney to remain, but to do it without White House approval could be interpreted as going against a President from her party to block the person, she suggested for the post.

As of now, she's not announcing her plans.
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