Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I May Not Have Said It So Colorfully, But...

The Philadelphia Weekly has filed a piece called "Recession Diaries", where they profile a couple of recent college grads and the problems they are having in the current economy.

One of those featured is a Swarthmore graduate and Fulbright scholar named Toby David, who has worked a confusing number of "jobs" since college. He worked at an afterschool program, then he did a friend's movie; he had a gig as an emcee; he did some tutoring, has done a few drug trials and medical experiments, which he may have to again.

This prompted one of the commenters to the online edition to say;

I'll tell you what: There's plenty of work up here in mine country. If this David character has any brawn to him, then he can sure as shallot get a good old job in the mine anywhere around up here. Why, miners around here are working so much overtime that they're paying godforsaken robot mules minimum wage to burn their excrement in trash cans- above ground of course and you gotta haul it up first. All I'm saying is: Mr. David and other underemployers, look to the mines
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