Tuesday, December 8, 2009

God's Media Strategy

Robert A. Schuller assumed the pulpit of his father's "Crystal Cathedral" in January of 2006 and was removed in October of 2008 because "a lack of shared vision". To quote Wikipedia: "In a prepared statement, founder Robert H. Schuller stated that 'different ideas as to the direction and the vision for this ministry' with his son 'made it necessary ... to part ways in the Hour of Power television ministry'."

Through a private equity firm, ComStar, a company founded and operated by the junior Mr. Schuller and Chris Wyatt, his son-in-law and the founder of GodTube along with Communities.com have purchased an Atlanta-based television and radio network, which they'll combine with a previously acquired network out of DC.

Their stated goal is to buy distressed faith-based media companies and next year they hope to have $50 million to spend, plus they plan to combine their various purchases in that timeframe, rebrand and retool their overall web strategy to "drive traffic" between the two.
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