Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feed the Children

It used to be a staple, especially around the holidays. Throughout the nation, up and down the cable dial, our hearts were tugged by informercials showing poor American children in need and Larry Jones, along with his wife and occasional celebrity guests begging for us to give just a few cents a day to pool resources and buy warehouses of food for these unfortunate waifs.

Unbeknownest to me, the charity has been in turmoil for months and Mr. Jones, the group's founder was ousted back in November.

Within days of the personnel action, Mr. Jones filed a wrongful termination suit and this morning, the charity has filed a countersuit claiming that he had solicited bribes, misspent, pocketed travel funds and had hid pornography in the company offices.

The Oklahoman has full page of ongoing coverage, complete with today's actions, past articles, meeting minutes and other documents.

At first glance, I really can't tell whether Mr. Jones' "crimes" are more than a common, "redneck", old way of doing business with some Penthouse Forums inserted for their salaciousness, but because his informercials have haunted generations of stoners every Saturday morning, the Oklahoman index certainly makes for a good read.
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