Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Efficiencies of Death

Ohio is scheduled to execute a convicted killer next week and it'll mark the first time they'll use a new method of lethal injection, one which is not currently being used in any other state.

Previously, an IV would be established and three drugs administered -- one to sedate and two to stop the heart and lungs. The new method will not require an IV site, it'll just be one massive injection of a lethal drug (unless they miss a vein the first time, then it will take two). Prison officials liken it to a flu shot.

"Coincidentally", this first use of this new method of execution follows the state opening up the "Death House" for it's first media tour in seven years, when they removed the "old" electric chair.

Video & Tour (WHIO - Dayton)
Text w/ Link (WHIO - Dayton
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