Thursday, December 31, 2009

Double-Teaming the Culture

James Dobson, founder of "Focus on the Family" has been transitioning out of his group for a few years. Recently, there has been some speculation about who might replace him on the radio and now, Mr. Dobson has announced his future plans.

Basically, he's starting a new group called "James Dobson on the Family". He'll be co-hosting a new radio show and will presumably share administrative duties with his podcasting, book-writing son, Ryan.

Some speculate that the senior Mr. Dobson may be launching the venture to raise the profile of his junior and I'm sure that's part of the equation, but if you had as much power as James Dobson and if two groups could channel the energy, plus tap the same fundraising and letter-writing base, as one -- What would you do?

After all, one can probably assume, the new gig will likely pay better.
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