Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Colorado Sheriff Goes on the Offensive

The Garfield County (CO) Sheriff, Lou Vallario has been accused of being "heavy handed" by some former employees and several members of the community.

A few search and rescue volunteers have complained about their background searches and he was recently cleared of wrong-doing in relation to his romantic involvement with a detention center employee.

He has also been the target of several lawsuits.

Concern has also been expressed about his purchase of a $200,000 armored vehicle and others question why it was used to seize a juvenile, who was taken into custody at the request of Social Services.

Because he's facing re-election and believes local newspapers report with "spin" slanted against him, he has participated in an interview with a sympathetic, usually all music radio station and has sent out two email statements, which were also distributed on letterhead.
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