Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ben Nelson Will Not Be Lying Down

There's a famous story about a Congressperson that represented a wealthy district, who agonized over their vote for Bill Clinton's budget because though they believed in it, the general consensus was that a yea vote would cost them the seat.

No matter which way I google, I can't find the Congressperson's name, but the saga of Senator Ben Nelson and his difficult cloture vote on health care reform has reminded me of the parable.

Earlier, I linked to audio of him being lambasted on Nebraska airwaves, plus his reply and a somewhat savvy move, where he gave the Republican Governor (and likely future opponent), the option of removing the state's Medicare provision from the bill.

Then, I linked to questions being raised about a statue going up in his honor, paid for with private funds, which is slated to be put in front of his boyhood home, already a tourist attraction.

And now, a new poll puts Nelson at a 31-point disadvantage to Gov. Dave Heineman for a possible 2012 race; 55% of Nebraskans rate him unfavorably and 64% disapprove of Health Care Reform; So, Sen. Nelson will start airing pro-reform commercials during this evening's football game, with the idea that if more people understood the proposal, the sands shifting beneath him could start to subside.

Update: KETV sampled the Nelson ad in a video report.
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