Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Artur Davis Facing Rerun of Early Obama

There doesn't appear to be a lot of polling available for the Alabama Governor's race, but as I linked from a post about the Republican candidates, the most recent one that I can find online (June), puts Rep. Artur Davis ahead of three Republican gubernatorial candidates and within striking distance of a fourth.

Despite this fact, though obviously with more information about the ground politics in Alabama, Mr. Davis is now facing questions from "front line", civil rights leaders about the electability of a black man statewide and whether having him at the top of the ticket could hurt Democratic numbers in the state legislature.

And perhaps adding to his somewhat lackluster support -- Davis voted against the Health Care Reform bill and has staked-out several more moderate positions, while his primary opponent, Ron Sparks has come out in favor of creating a lottery, which apparently appeals to Alabama African-American voters.
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