Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palin Doesn't Play Well With Others

John Bitney, Governor Palin's former legislative aide, who is now an aide to another Republican Alaska lawmaker is quoted by the Anchorage Daily News in response to her book, as saying;

I'm just pilloried right and left and turned into the big bad wolf here for stuff I didn't do. It's like I'm this fictional character that she's decided to make me out to be this sort of incompetent slob.

And in jest, when he was asked on a recent political talk show if Sarah is sane, where he was joined by a Republican Palin nemesis and Anne Kilkenney, who wrote the infamous email that sent Ms. Palin's Vice-Presidential bid off the rails, Mr. Bitney replied;

Is a sociopath sane?

In this same Anchorage Daily News article, Sen. Bert Stedman, a Sitka Republican said that he's not going to read her book because she's "entertainment and not news".

Considering her relationship with the state Republican Party and the bridges she has burnt with the McCain campaign staff, one has to wonder if her apparent popularity with the party base is enough to keep the Republican machine from derailing a possible 2012 bid, or whether they'll just let her run as a sacrificial lamb.

I'd say that most likely, it'll depend on President Obama's poll numbers at the end of next year. If the establishment thinks they have a shot, watch for the rug to be pulled from beneath her feet.

(Video links: "sane" clip, full show)
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