Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Sarah a Job

"Focus on the Family" founder James Dobson will be retiring from his radio show in February and there's currently a search underway for his replacement. The organization boasts of having 3,000 radio "facilities" in North America and another 130 worldwide, serving 160 countries.

Several names have been suggested with Gary Bauer of "American Values" among the better known, but writer Mark Barna of the Colorado Springs Gazette thinks that Sarah Palin could also be suited for the position. Like Dobson, she's not an ordained minister, she has been known to make unabashed, politically-charged statements and is something of a polarizing figure.

In his essay, Mr. Barna does say that Gov. Palin might have higher ambitions, but if she were to become the voice of an established organization, it would give her a power base within the Republican Party and a pulpit from which she could address her followers.
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