Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barack Obama's Mama was Smart

The American Anthropological Association and Duke University Press are going to publish the doctoral dissertation of S. Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother.

Publisher's Weekly gave the following preview of Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, which will have an initial printing of 10,000 for what was a 1000 page work, before it was edited by her academic advisor;

Wissoker said that Duke University Press’s anthropology list was focused on books about "how conventional foreign aid has not worked and how it should be rethought," and Dunham's book is a perfect fit for its program. He hailed the importance of Dunham’s scholarly work in Indonesia—she spent nearly 15 years in the field—and called the book, "a forerunner of much of today’s work on using direct micro-credits and small loans. The book is about what small villagers can do entrepreneurially to help themselves. Her message is very accessible: trust people in small villages to be able to do good things if they have resources."
(via Jezebel)
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